Sofie sews! March 8, 2012 – Posted in: Family

It’s no secret to anyone around here that my girls are LOVING this time we’re living with my parents. There’s always extra laps to sit in, extra arms to snuggle in, and lots of extra kisses. But Sofie recently discovered another plus to life at Grammy and Granddad’s. Sewing.

Last week she asked to see what Grammy was doing so Mom picked her up and Sof excitedly sat in her lap. Mom was making a miniature doll quilt and Sofie absolutely adored guiding the tiny pieces through the machine with her fingers.



It was only a matter of time before she caught the bug, so I wasn’t surprised that she liked it. But what truly shocked me was when she kept asking Mom over and over again to do it more. So Mom pulled out the little Hello Kitty sewing machine she’d picked up at a quilt show years ago, cut a few little squares from some flannel and taught Sofie the basics.

She’s become quite the pro! She knows how to raise and lower the foot when she starts and stops.


And she always turns the wheel to leave her needle in the up position.


We were both completely certain that her interest would fade quickly. The first day they sewed all the squares together in groups of two. Sofie then bugged Grammy for 2 days until we had a chance to “snow” (as Sof calls it) again and they put the put the squares into groups of 4. She waited anxiously for her next turn to sew and talked about it to anyone who would listen, including the men that were here for 3 days replacing the AC unit!

The last day they pieced all the squares together into 1 little quilt top Sofie’s going to use as a blanket for her beloved Curious George. I couldn’t help but snap a million pictures of her sewing all by herself! It’s not every day that a 3 year old wants to make a quilt and actually does all the sewing alone!

She concentrated so hard on what she was doing.


Each time she got done with a seam she opened the project and squealed with delight. She was so proud of herself for sewing.


Once the top was totally pieced she was sad the project was over (her part, anyway!) and was asking to do it again. We need to back the little blanket before George starts using it and she’s dying to get it done.



Who knows what the future holds for Sofie and sewing, but for now Mom and I are totally eating up her enthusiasm! If she truly loves it and continues it, she’ll be the 5th generation of sewing women in my family and she too can sew like her Mom!