Sponsor Giveaway: Jar August 1, 2012 – Posted in: Giveaways

Wow, it’s been a few weeks, huh? Life has been more hectic than normal around here and I’m sure many of you can relate! We had some flooding from torrential rains several days in a row, a string of sick kids (why can’t they all get sick at once?), and about a million other tiny things that just didn’t stop. And on top of it all, my sewing machine crapped out on me! It’s currently at the repair man waiting to be diagnosed, which is fine since I haven’t had time to sew in weeks.

I’m sure you’ve also noticed things look a little different around here. I’ve got a few more changes coming–as soon as The Hubs gets 15 minutes to breathe and I can talk him into doing them for me! I’ve also added a Sponsor section because Sew Like My Mom is now taking Sponsors! Shoot me an email if you’re interested in more information.

Today I’m excited to bring you an awesome giveaway from one of my Sponsors, Jar. Jar is the brainchild of Jenn, a hip, chic lady who merged her loved of awesome food with great graphics and opened this amazing little store.

At Jar you’ll find delicious jams like this Apricot Jalapeno offering:

and a delicious pectin-free classic Strawberry:

There’s also adorable graphics that are sure to be a hit!

She has everything from drink recipes,

to sweet sayings,

birthday cards,

and greeting cards!

Jenn sent some of her super delicious jam for us to try! Sofie was beyond excited when I told her what we got. That kid loves fruit in any form!

Her super cute logo adorns the top of each lid!

And when you pop it open, a delicious jar full of fruity jam is staring back at you!

I quickly made some toast for us to sample the jam with. I didn’t want any other flavors to change the taste and I’m so glad we went au natural for our first sample. It was ah-mazing!

Sofie scarfed hers down so fast I almost didn’t get any pictures!

Is your stomach grumbling yet? Well today Jenn is offering some of her amazing wares to one of you!