Summer Lovin’ September 13, 2010 – Posted in: Family

For Christmas 2008, The Hubs really blew me away when he surprised me with a Canon Rebel XS DSLR. I dreamed of taking professional-quality pictures of my children as they grew. I did a semi-decent job with Sofie, trying to take her out for photo shoots every few months. But as she grew, the less cooperative she got. And now she’s nearly impossible to get “on film” with her boundless 2 year old energy.

So today when our little family spent some time outside while Daddy washed the car, I did an impromptu shoot of my girls. Nothing fancy, no special outfits, just my beautiful children enjoying one of the last days of summer. Sofie was soaked head to toe from helping wash the car, and Chloe couldn’t stop drooling long enough for me to snap a picture. But that’s who they are at this moment in time, and I love that I was able to capture it.

It was hard to catch Sofie face as she ran past me up and down the driveway, squealing with delight every time a drop of water from the hose hit her brown skin. She has the most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard!

The best gift we’ve given Sofie is her sister. She is Chloe’s number 1 fan and looks out for her every minute of the day. She needs to know where Sissy is at all times and if Chloe utters a whimper, Sofie’s by her side to fix it. Their love goes both ways and it’s precious to see Chloe’s face light up when Sof’s around. Sissy is a pure joy and is seriously the BEST baby!

Chloe can sit up for long periods of time and often spends 30 minutes or more sitting and playing with toys. (She sat through the entire 20 minute shoot!) She’s also started propelling herself forward with her feet when she’s on her belly. She can’t get up on her hands and knees, but she can scoot forward to reach for a toy! She just turned 5 months old last week!

I’ll be devastated when she outgrows her cheeks!

I didn’t get much sewing done this weekend—we spent some much-needed time together as a family instead. I’m cherishing these days with my girls, because I know they’ll be gone too soon.

(I didn’t do any editing on these pictures. I don’t “get” photo editing, so this is how they came right out of my camera.)