Take me out to the ballgame June 30, 2010 – Posted in: Applique

Tonight we enjoyed a time-honored tradition in our family. We headed to Turner Field to see our hometown heroes play ball against the Washington Nationals. We invited my Mom and Dad to join us and the 6 of us had a blast!

The girls wore matching appliqued Braves shirts, of course! I didn’t get pictures of them before we left the house, so this is the best I can do.

This was Chloe’s 2nd game (first game at 12 days, second at 12 weeks!) but she wasn’t a fan. The noise scared her and the poor thing just cried and cried. I eventually made some earmuffs out of the Moby and she slept 3 innings on my lap.

Sofie, on the other hand, LOVES the ballpark! If I did my math correctly, this was her 8th game (not including the 4 we attended while I was pregnant with her) and she’s quite at home there. She finally loves the noise, the clapping and cheering, and the fireworks. She made fast friends with everyone around us and charmed them all.

Her favorite part was definitely the huge “te-te” (TV–aka, the jumbotron).

When the final score was tallied, the hot dogs eaten and the beers were empty, we loaded up and headed home. Thankful for a wonderful night with family, a 4-1 win, and a gorgeous end to a great day.