The Easy Way October 30, 2010 – Posted in: Family

I’m constantly trying to find the easy way to do things. Laundry, keeping up with the chores, cooking, sewing, etc. Anything that can make my life easier and run smoother, even if it takes a little longer, is my preferred choice.

So when I was due for a HUGE trip to the grocery store, I put it off for days because I found myself in a huge quandary. Sofie likes to sit in the car carts at Publix. But Chloe’s too small for them. She’s too restless in the Moby and gets irritated being in her car seat that whole time. Not to mention, in the car carts, her car seat takes up 1 whole basket, leaving me with just the little second basket and the underside of the cart for stacking groceries. So I needed a game plan. Taking a cue from my sister, I simplified my life drastically.

Enter, the kid shopping cart:

Now, it took me an hour and a half to shop, and she was game for all but the last 15 minutes or so of it. It was also helpful to have the extra place to put things! But take a lesson from me: leave the cans in your cart! I would point to the item I wanted to pick up and I’d let her take it off the shelf and load it in her cart. After 2 or 3 things went it, I’d take them out and transfer them to mine. But once she had a few too many cans in hers and as I tried to move it out of the way of another shopper, I turned the cart over and cans went everywhere. She was a little timid about pushing it after that, but she kept on going.

And plan for a few extra minutes while shopping if you take your own cart. Every 3rd person had to stop and talk to us! It’s definitely an attention-getter!!

But, she’s 2 and she did great! I couldn’t have asked for more. And I was very thankful we were in the checkout line when this face emerged!

But Chloe LOVED being able to sit in the cart!

It took me 30 minutes to check out! I had 42 coupons, but it was worth every single minute.

This was my haul:

and my great savings!

So even though it fills my whole day, I’m so glad to have found an easy way to grocery shop! Now to figure out the dishes…