they say it’s your birthday October 20, 2010 – Posted in: Family, Sewing

I have a thing for birthdays. I LOVE them. Not just a little, but a whole, whole lot. I had a streak of several years where I had less-than-stellar birthdays. But every year The Hubs tries to out-do himself and give me the most amazing day imaginable. Last year was pretty incredible! (minus the fact that I was in the incubation period for the stupid Swine Flu and spent the next 2 weeks on my death bed)

My birthday was this past Sunday. I’m now the official 28 I’ve been claiming to be for 6 months! I imagine in a few months I’ll be claiming to be “almost 30” (GULP!). I’ve been so busy lately I didn’t even realize how quickly the day was approaching. We didn’t have any big plans, and that was okay with me. Because really the only thing I wanted was time with my family.

My Mom came up and babysat for us Saturday night. We went to the movies (for the first time in over a year!) and out to dinner at my very favorite restaurant. Sunday my sweet husband tried to let me sleep in, but with 2 young kids, one a breastfed baby, it was pretty impossible. But I did get yummy breakfast, lunch out, and a DQ Blizzard cake! I spent some time in the afternoon taking pictures of Sofie in a dress I made her before my machine broke.


The only gift I wanted this year was a serger. I’d been terrified of them for years, but finally decided I wanted to bite the bullet and try it. I spent weeks dreaming of all the amazing things I’d create with it, and how I’d fill my girls closets with homemade items. The serger came on Thursday and I frantically tore it out of the box like a little kid on Christmas. I was BESIDE myself with excitement!

It came threaded with red, yellow, green and blue thread. After reading the threading instructions, I decided I’d just use those spools of thread until they were gone! But my common sense got the better of me and I decided I needed to learn. It took me 2 hours (okay, we broke for ice cream cake and dinner during that 2 hours) to figure it out, but I’ve finally got the hang of it! So I set out to make my first 100% knit item, and for some reason, decided it also needed to make my own pattern!

I couldn’t resist this fabric last week at JoAnn’s. Sofie flipped when she saw it and started begging me for the owls. I only got 1/2 a yard, but I have enough leftover to also make her a little skirt! I made my own pattern for the sleeves (and I think I figured out the math to make them for just about anything!) and the shirt fits great–except for the neck. It’s a little on the wonky side, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? I’m just darn proud it came together at all!

But really the best thing about this year was the fact that I got to spend some wonderful time with my family. My girls were sweet and cuddly, my husband cleaned the house and did the dishes, and I got to spend the day with the people I adore the most in this world. That trumps any trip I could ever take!