Whew! I’m back!! December 30, 2010 – Posted in: Sewing

I apologize for the 3.5 week break I took from blogging!! Starting right after Thanksgiving I hit the sewing machine hard to get the rest of my Christmas orders finished and shipped. I got the last of them out the door on the 15th and quickly went into Christmas mode. Decorating our house, finishing my shopping, and most importantly, starting on the list of things I wanted to make for gifts. I ended up scrapping most of my list, but I’ll go into that in another post. Before I knew it, my SIL was here, it was Christmas, then the girls and I all fell ill. We’ve been sick for over a week now, and we’re all tired of it! I spent every day since Christmas working on my first project for the SYTYC competition! It’s been submitted and the first week goes up Monday! Stay tuned for more on that!!

I do have some pictures and tutorials on gifts and things I made for Christmas, but for this post I figured I’d share the rest of my Christmas orders. In total I made:

35 bean bags
11 pairs of Christmas jammies
9 dresses
6 applique tshirts
4 applique aprons
3 bibs
3 crayon rolls
1 tote

Not too shabby! These are the things I made during the first 2 weeks of December.

I made all 35 bean bags, but since there are multiple prints, I’m just sharing 1 of each type.

I did more reindeer jammies, both with names, and without.

4 pairs were done with initials like the ones I made last year.

I made some sweet sisters the dresses I’d made for a friend earlier in the year and listed in my store,

except the fabric I originally used for the contrast on the floral dress was too overwhelming for a 3m size dress, so I changed it to something that was also polka dots and equally as adorable.

I made matching aprons for this little girl, her Mommy, and both her Grandmas with their names appliqued.

And lastly, my best applique work EVER. I’m so in love with this shirt!

It was a rough 2 weeks, but I’m so glad I was able to give my friends the handmade items they wanted for Christmas! I’m off orders until further notice (I’m sure I’ll end up taking them here and there as people ask me for things!) and I’m ready to focus on the competition. I promise no more long breaks from the blog and lots more tutorials coming very soon!