Entries from September 2010

Peasant Dress

Date September 29, 2010

A friend came to me recently and asked me to make 2 peasant style dresses for her daughter. I readily agreed knowing they were all the rage these days, and I figured it would be a great chance to learn how to make them. I hunted around for patterns, both paid and free, and didn’t […]

The Early Bird

Date September 28, 2010

I often feel like I need to apologize here for not posting enough. But what is enough? Especially when my life is this crazy race to get through each day alive. I read other blogs of crafty stay at home Mommies, but most of their kids are older than mine. A lot are even in […]

Shirt Bibs

Date September 19, 2010

Remember when I made the Shirt Skirts I said keep the rest of the shirt for 2 other projects? Well, this is one of them! I knew Chloe would start solids soon and none of the bibs we have are big enough to properly cover her. Wanting to be as resourceful as possible, I decided […]