Bad bananas

June 28, 2010

So for Sofie’s birthday, I decided we all needed monkey-themed shirts. I made The Hubs wear a shirt I painted a yellow hat on (you know, The Man with the Yellow Hat?!). He wasn’t too thrilled about the idea, but was an excellent sport about it! Especially when I announced I wasn’t wearing mine. My bananas looked AWFUL and I flat out refused to wear the shirt. I was really upset and as I went to chuck the shirt in the trash, I remembered I no longer throw away clothes that could become something else!

I tossed the shirt in my upcycling pile and have been eyeing it for the past 2 weeks. Last night I decided Sofie needed a new sundress/bathing suit cover-up. So bad bananas became cute dress!

I cut it off straight under the armpits. Then I cut off each sleeve, the neck, and the bananas. I wanted to cut my straps at 2″ because once sewn and turned, they’d be nice and chunky. I was able to get 2″ between the bananas and neck, then used the back piece of the bananas to cut 2 more 2″ strips.

The construction was EASY. I shirred the dress part, leaving the existing hem as the bottom of the dress and the top of the dress raw (knit doesn’t fray!). I did 11 rows at 1/4″ intervals. I folded the straps in half lengthwise and sewed at 1/4″ inseam. Then I turned them, left the ends raw, and sewed them to the front and back. Tackled the toddler, tied straps, and done!

17 Responses to “Bad bananas”

  1. Marie Gross said:

    Oooh man, I love your blog. You are amazing, Melissa!

  2. Marcia said:

    What a precious dress!! (Adorable model too!!) Way to upcycle!!

  3. Betsie said:

    You are my hero! I’ll be making one tonight since Sophie’s other cover-up didn’t turn out as well as expected. 🙂

  4. Melissa said:

    Thank you ladies! 🙂 And thanks for letting us use your garden for pictures, Mom!

  5. Misty said:

    That is way too cute!!

  6. Jennifer said:

    So cute! You really have great talent!

  7. Katy Dumm Toole said:

    Hi Melissa! Feel free to stop by the blog anytime…that’s what it is there for. You certainly have a gift for sewing (this coming from someone who seriously cannot sew a button on properly) and you have a sweet family. Hope all is well. Stay in touch.


  8. Tiffany said:

    Girl – I want you to teach me how to do the shirring thing one day!! But I am guessing that one day will be no sooner than 5 years from now as you and I both seem to keep ourselves booked and busy as ever! But I would like to put this on my list of things to learn (as well as how to better use the sewing machine!).
    AWESOME GIRL!! You are amazingly talented!

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  11. christy said:

    All of your ideas are great. Thank you for sharing. I was just going to add that since you used most of the shirt, you could use the sleeves for headbands and at fake flower with a hot glue gun. That is what my girls like to do the sleeves.

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  13. suburbancorrespondent said:

    Can you point me to a good tutorial for shirring?

  14. Melissa said:

    Yes, check out

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    Created mine and I am loving it.. 🙂

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