Bib-a-licious July 19, 2010 – Posted in: Family, Sewing

WHEW! It’s been a busy 2 weeks around here! I never expected my etsy store to take off the way it did, and I had a line of projects already stacked up before those orders came in. In 10 days I managed to make 9 shirts, 4 bibs, 2 burp cloths, 3 baby blocks, 2 crayon rolls, and 35 bean bags! All while running my home and taking care of my girls! I took my machine in to the repairman today to be cleaned and oiled. She’s been running hard for me lately and we both need a few hours of downtime.

But before I let her go, I whipped up one last thing I couldn’t keep off my mind–this bib.

(Try not to keel over from baby perfection!)

Chloe is a D-R-O-O-L-E-R. She’s been soaking through a few outfits a day and between the constant stream of baby drool coupled with the bubbles she blows from her reflux, I had to do something to help! I pulled out my stash of baby bibs and found them to all be lacking. They’re thin knit with no absorbability at all. They’re also unoriginal and some aren’t so cute.

You might recognize my Nicey Jane from Sofie’s Easter dress.

I decided to make a nice, thick, absorbent bib. A boy did I accomplish my goal! It’s double sided with 2 layers of flannel in the middle! I decided to steer away from my usual bibs that tie and I put a snap on it. She’s been wearing it all day today, drooling and blowing bubbles on it, and it’s not wet on the other side yet!! She’s thinking about chewing on it, so I know it’ll be plenty wet soon.

I can’t wait to get my machine back so I can whip up more of these to stock in my etsy store. I’m also thinking about making some with a waterproof liner.

That’s a good idea, right Chloe?