Sew busy! March 1, 2012 – Posted in: Family, Sewing

I’ve been sewing up a storm these last few weeks! I’ve got an embarrassing number of unfinished projects I’ve been trying to get finished. This dress for Sofie is one I’ve had mostly done since well before Christmas and I’ve been meaning to finish up for her to wear this “winter.” I got it done just in time for this lovely humid, 70-degree weather! It’s corduroy. Complete Mom fail, but it’s not stopping her from wearing it!



I also made this Minnie Mouse dress for a friend’s daughter. She’s a month older than Chloe and also a total Minnie buff! I had a different dress in mind for Chloe’s birthday dress, but now I’m thinking this needs to be it. She’s just too precious!


I was so glad when she told me to use a normal applique font and not the Disney style one! This is my rusty, trusty old Pharmacy font.

And lastly I’ve been in the bib-making business again! I still really love everything about these bibs. And their absorbency has stood the test of time! I’ve gotten them out of my stash and started using them on drooly Ella and they’re still wonderful. These 2 I made and sent to a friend. Two totally different looks, both equally to die for!

It feels so good to be sewing consistently again. With all the craziness of life lately, it feels good to get back to something that feels normal. I feel like I’m getting a new burst of drive and ambition and I’m so excited to see what creative things it will yield!