debonair flair August 16, 2011 – Posted in: Sewing

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I love when my friends come to me with requests for adorable little things I wouldn’t ever have a need to make for myself. And when I got a request for this outfit, I was immediately excited to try it.


Chloe wasn’t exactly thrilled to model it for me, but she still managed to cooperate enough for me to get some decent shots of it on her.


I used this tutorial for the general idea of how to make the vest part, and the pants I made using a pattern I made myself from a pair of Chloe’s pants.

I like to add little touches wherever I can to make an outfit stand out more, so I lined the vest with the same fabric I used for the tie so he didn’t get lost in a sea of khaki.


I can’t wait to see pictures of the little man I made it for wearing it! He’s precious and is going to be a tiny lady killer!