It’s that time of year November 10, 2010 – Posted in: Applique, Sewing

I’ve been sewing up a storm around here lately! Holiday orders are flying out the door!

This week I mailed off these Christmas pjs to the sweeties who got the Mickey and Minnie costumes.

Their Mom also wanted some cute Thanksgiving shirts like she’d seen in an etsy store. I loved them so much, I made them for my own girls!

Another friend wanted some reindeer jammies for her son, too.

These sets all got a festive tag.

And still another friend (I know, my friends keep me in business :D) is about to have her second baby, a little girl. She asked me for some of my super drool-absorbing bibs. She left fabrics up to me, only requesting nothing overly pink.

And in the midst of all of this, I’ve been working on a little project I’m oh so excited about!