Little Car Man July 20, 2011 – Posted in: Applique, Sewing

So this friend of mine, she’s got a car fan. He’s 3 and totally obsessed with all things vehicular. While watching a show on tv, he saw a pillowcase with a big car on it and got really excited, so a few months ago she asked me if I could make him some car pillowcases. I’m ashamed to admit how long this project has taken me, but I really hope our little car man has sweet dreams on his new pillowcases!

She knew a giant car would be his first choice, and past that, we explored other options. He likes race cars and traffic lights, so I made this case (and love the exhaust!).


And since our kids are currently obsessed with all things alphabet as well, one features his name in super-huge letters made from vehicle fabric.

And lastly, a box truck. I picked the bicycle fabric for this one because I thought it would be precious to personalize it.

As I was finishing the pillowcases, she asked me if I’d kill her if she added a few shirts to the mix. Last year I made him a whole pile of appliqued tees to last all summer, and he’s still wearing them this year! They’re both getting a little bored of the same wardrobe, so I had no problem throwing in a few shirts, too.

This car shape and this fabric were his favorite, so I repeated it on the shirt.


And the race car was one of my favorites, so I played around with placement.


(I had to have Sofie model it to get the full effect and clearly 4T shirts are too long for her! She has shorts on under there!)

He also really likes fire trucks so I found this awesome graphic. I love this one!


But of all the shirts I’ve made him, and all his obsessing over cars, his all-time favorite is the giraffe!


I love this face!


I was so excited to get everything finished and boxed up to mail.

I really will be sad when I run out of these fabrics!


I hope you love your new shirts and pillowcases, Little Buddy!