New Year, New Goals January 2, 2011 – Posted in: Family, Sewing

I still can’t believe how quickly 2010 flew by! I guess when you move, have a baby, and start a blog all in under 3 months, you set yourself up to lose track of time! I also had 3.5 times the amount of orders that I had in 2009! It was definitely a year of sewing!

2011 will also be a year of sewing, but on a different magnitude. While I will still sew custom things for my friends and people who ask, I’m going to try to focus my attention elsewhere: my girls. I feel they’ve been shafted in recent years due to the high volumes of things I was making for other people. I can’t even begin to count the hundreds of bean bags I’ve made, but my girls don’t have them. Applique tees and dresses fly out my door, but escape my girls. I constantly buy fabric I adore to make them things, but never have the time to sew for them. So this year, I’m changing that.

My first goal for 2011 is to not buy any fabric and to sew through what I already own. It’s going to be a tall order, and I may have to buy a few pieces here and there to go with something I already have, but I’m going to do my best to stick with it! I took this picture back in August when I organized my sewing space. I have about half again this much fabric stuffed in closets, drawers and baskets!

My next goal is to do more things around my house. We’ve lived here for 9 months now and 90% of my walls are bare. Mostly because I hate the colors the owners have them painted, but also because I lack things hang on them. So I’m going to try to do at least 1 home decorating project each month. If you have any can’t-live-without-it ideas, please send them my way! I’ve got 2700 sq feet of wall space to work with!!

And lastly, I’m going to blog more. I got burned out on sewing and trying to blog when I was keeping up with my orders and I really want to get back into posting regularly. Being able to sew for myself will help me with things to blog about, so this one should be fairly easy!

So without further ado, Happy 2011! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for all of us!