Entries from June 2010

Take me out to the ballgame

Date June 30, 2010

Tonight we enjoyed a time-honored tradition in our family. We headed to Turner Field to see our hometown heroes play ball against the Washington Nationals. We invited my Mom and Dad to join us and the 6 of us had a blast! The girls wore matching appliqued Braves shirts, of course! I didn’t get pictures […]

Music to my belly

Date June 29, 2010

Growing up, my Mom cooked dinner every night. My role in dinner preparation was chopping, table setting, and dish duty. But somewhere along the way I must have paid attention to the actual cooking part. I found in college that cooking came easily to me, and I frequently fed a table full of friends. My […]

Bad bananas

Date June 28, 2010

So for Sofie’s birthday, I decided we all needed monkey-themed shirts. I made The Hubs wear a shirt I painted a yellow hat on (you know, The Man with the Yellow Hat?!). He wasn’t too thrilled about the idea, but was an excellent sport about it! Especially when I announced I wasn’t wearing mine. My […]