Wired Pumpkins

My sister posted a tutorial on some really awesome wire pumpkins. I was at Michael’s picking up a wreath (for something I’ve wanted to make for forever!) and I found this stuff. It’s like wired sticks. I knew immediately it would make pretty good looking pumpkins, too! For instructions, please go to These were fun and easy to make, and festive enough to last me through Thanksgiving. Right now they’re on my mantle, but…

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Sewing Space

I injured my shoulder last week and spent most of the weekend at my parents house. To make me feel better, my Mom bought me the latest issue of “Where Women Create” and I was glued to it. I can’t believe Amy Butler uses an old Singer that’s remarkably like mine! Anyway, being inspired by these huge, beautiful, amazing spaces people create in, I decided to share my own little creative nook. This is the…

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Pink Beginnings

The same day I found this skirt at Goodwill, I also found this old medicine cabinet. It was dirty, heavy, and beat up. I could tell it hadn’t been taken care of in many years, but I also knew I couldn’t leave the store without making it mine. I immediately raced to Walmart to pick up spray paint so I could start transforming it the minute I got home. Choosing a color wasn’t difficult. You…

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