Entries from October 2010

The Easy Way

Date October 30, 2010

I’m constantly trying to find the easy way to do things. Laundry, keeping up with the chores, cooking, sewing, etc. Anything that can make my life easier and run smoother, even if it takes a little longer, is my preferred choice. So when I was due for a HUGE trip to the grocery store, I […]

Wired Pumpkins

Date October 28, 2010

My sister posted a tutorial on some really awesome wire pumpkins. I was at Michael’s picking up a wreath (for something I’ve wanted to make for forever!) and I found this stuff. It’s like wired sticks. I knew immediately it would make pretty good looking pumpkins, too! For instructions, please go to http://mymagicmom.com/beaded-and-wired-pumpkin-tutorial/ These were […]

Berry Patch Farms

Date October 26, 2010

Last weekend we took a trip to Berry Patch Farms. The girls loved the pumpkin-covered fields and warm afternoon. We spent some time perusing the fields, playing with the pumpkins, and taking lots of pictures to remember our wonderful afternoon. The Hubs and I have both been extraordinarily busy so we haven’t had a lot […]