Where does the time go?

As Sofie’s 2nd birthday is rapidly approaching, I find myself stumped on what to make for her to wear. I’m determined to make my girls clothes for special occasions for as long as they’ll let me. You know, birthdays, holidays, first days of school (gulp!). This is what she wore for her 1st birthday. I actually planned the party around this fabric! It just screamed birthday to me and I knew my little honey would…

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Mermaids and Baby Sisters

After my foray into bean bags, I decided I loved applique. I wanted to attempt it on shirts to see what I was capable of. My oldest niece is obsessed with mermaids so I was thrilled when this little lady was a success! She was part of Katie’s birthday gift last August. We also had news to announce to my family at her birthday party! I was thrilled it still fit 9 months later!

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Bean Bags

When I was pregnant with Sofie I joined an online group of women with babies all due in June 2008. They are an amazing group of ladies and people I’ve come to depend on and cherish. Last summer when the babies turned 1 we did a gift exchange and I was excited to participate. I was a little stumped when I got one of the boys because I wanted to sew my gift, but don’t…

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